European directive Reimbursement of costs incurred for treatment abroad.

Patients who seek treatment solutions in other European Area countries are entitled to part or all of the costs to be met by their national healthcare system provider.
For patients seeking treatment in Murcia, Spain we are pleased to offer our assistance explaining the reimbursement process and qualification.
For English speakers the NHS England website ‘NHS Choices’ is very comprehensive and informative regarding cross-border treatment.
Please be aware that this information may not apply to other UK countries or Eire.
(E.g. As stated on the NHS choices website.).
How it works
The EU directive gives you the right to purchase healthcare services in another EEA country and apply for reimbursement from the NHS, as long as the treatment is medically necessary and would be made available to you under the NHS. It covers both treatment given in state-run hospitals and private service providers’.
In most cases, you will have to pay the costs upfront. You can claim reimbursement when you return, up to the amount the treatment would have cost under the NHS.


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