The treatment of illness can be an especially stressful situation for both the patient and their family

Our treatment procedures and quality protocols comply with the strictest international standards. We recommend that patients contact an insurer that specializes in surgery abroad or transnational medicine. There are a wide range of cover options available depending on the type of treatment you require and your destination. We can offer a list of recommended insurers by country of origin.

Treatment phases

Initial enquiry

Telephone (+34) 868 400 502

Email []

Online form


We will explain what information we require to confirm or form a diagnosis and provide you with initial cost estimates.

Case study and diagnosis

Based on the information received we will offer a qualified diagnosis or second-opinion and:


01 Explain

- Hospital details

- Available dates for surgery

- Pre-operation test procedures

- Recommended recovery schedule

- Travel and accommodation options


02 Confirm

- The surgeon assigned to your case

- Total cost of intervention

- Terms and conditions


03 Forward

- A contract of intervention

- Insurance recommendations


* We may need to conduct an interview online or by telephone to complete our study.

** If you reside outside the EC we will forward information regarding visa applications for medical treatment abroad.

Once the contract of intervention is signed and returned to us we will confirm

Intervention date

Travel and accomodation arrangements (If organised by us)

Special needs, private flights, specialist transport etc.

Patient itinery

Payment and deposit

For European Community (EC) residents: As detailed in our terms and conditions; we require a fixed deposit to cover surgery and travel costs when we confirm the intervention date with the balance due on arrival in Spain.


For non-EC residents payment terms will be advised subject to country of origin.

Day 1 Arrival in Spain

We arrange collection from the airport, special transport or provide assistance with car-hire for transfer to your hotel or accommodation where you will be met by a Doctour bilingual personal assistant (Eng/Sp).

Day 2 Meeting your Surgeon

You will undergo the pre-operation tests (Chest Xray, blood tests and ECG) followed by meetings with your surgeon and anesthetist to discuss the intervention. During these meetings you will be asked to sign the corresponding consent (translated copies supplied).


Later you will be taken on a guided tour of the hospital to help you and accompanying parties familiarize themselves with the installations, facilities and procedures.

Day 3 Hospital admission and intervention

On the day of the intervention you will be admitted to hospital at a pre-designated time. The nursing staff will undertake the necessary steps to prepare you for surgery and accompany you to the operating theatre to be met by the intervention team.


The intervention team consists of your surgeon and anesthetist, an assistant surgeon and theatre staff. For orthopedic surgery a specialist prosthetic technician is also in attendance.


Post-surgery you will be transferred to the recovery ward and later back to your room. The nursing staff will remain on hand at all times to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and administer medication.


From the moment you return to your room, accompanying parties will be allowed to visit and can remain with you at all times. Additional beds are provided at no extra cost.

Hospital stay and convalescence

The surgeon will visit you daily to monitor your progress. Depending on the type of surgery you will be discharged from hospital within 1 to 5 days to either return to your hotel or accommodation or to our specialist convalescence facility for complementary treatment if recommended by your surgeon e.g. physiotherapy. On leaving hospital we will supply the medication necessary for the first phase of recovery.

Final consultation, discharge and departure

A final consultation is scheduled before you return home to discuss your progress and to give you your case notes and the surgeon’s final report:


Original diagnosis

Information regarding the surgery

Outcome and comments

Recommendations and instructions

Complementary treatment instructions



Documents needed for family doctors are translated into English.


Arrangements will be made to assist with paperwork and travel arrangements for your return to the airport or point of departure.

Ongoing progress

Within a few weeks of your return we will contact you to monitor your progress; we will be on hand at any time to coordinate correspondence between you, your family doctor and Doctour surgeon.